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Well, advertisement is always annoying for some surfers especially that contains animation and sound. For computer that don't have widescreen technology, this ads might be reduce their viewable message in their inbox especially Yahoo Mail skyscraper ads located beside the inbox message. To overcome this, we will show you a simple technique that will destroy that ads forever! Here is the step:

This technique only works in Google Chrome. If you don't have one, you can download here.

After you have installed the Google Chrome, go to Google Chrome Extension website and search the "Webmail Ad Blocker" or you can go direct here.

Then go to the extension setting in your Chrome by clicking the "spanner" icon and click "extensions".

Next, click on the "Webmail Ad Blocker" option and open the Yahoo Mail tab.

Then, uncheck the "Advertisements" and it will automatically saved. Finally, refresh your Yahoo Mail tab to see the changes! Now, the ads will gone forever!

This extensions also works for other mail like GMail and Hotmail.


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