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Thursday, 20 May 2010 01:36
http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj97/zool_85/wavebox_portable_desktop_microwa-3.jpg As we know, microwave oven can only available to operate in home with AC supply voltage. But this Wavebox is slightly different compare to the microwave oven at home because it is a portable one! With only approximately 6.3 kg of weight, you can easily bring this anywhere you want including in your mobile. This portable microwave comes with handle for easy handling and equipped with safety features like heavy duty luggage handle, reinforced ABS casing and no slip rubberized legs. So, what about the power? Usually, normal microwave require 240AC@110AC voltage that supply from power point in your home. But this portable microwave can operate with only 12V Batteries for minimum power requirement...Believe it! But, its also have other power option like 120V AC, 12V / 24V DC. On direct AC connect, the measurable watt is 600w while for the DC outlet is 240w. The cooking space also quite big about 10" wide, 7" deep, 6" high. This portable microwave can be grabbed at Thewavebox for only $249.99. More pictures after the jump...




[Via Thewavebox]


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